Rapid Survey on Potential of Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation

Technical Report

  • Project Reports
  • 2011
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400 hectares of mangrove habitat is slated to be rehabilitated using the Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) method, as a major part of the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods program. 45 hectares have already been hydrologically rehabilitated in Lantang Peo village, Tanakeke Island, with another 120 ha planned for 2011-2012 (year two of RCL) in the villages of Tompohtana and Rewatayya/Kalukuang, with mid-course corrections being performed in Lantang Peo. Thus, 165 ha of mangrove rehab will take place on Tanakeke Island over the first 2 years of RCL, keeping the project on track quantitatively. This report takes a rapid look at the potential for EMR to be undertaken in other areas of the RCL project, in order to spread the benefit of EMR to other regions.

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