Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism

Mimika Regency Government, through the Mimika District Youth Culture Tourism and Sports Office of Mimika Regency, is developing a new destination in Timika, namely Mangrove Ecotourism. It is located in the Fish Landing Port (PPI) area of Pomako, East Mimika District, Mimika Regency, Papua. This new destination was built in order to welcome the 2020 National Sports Week (PON) 2020.

There are a number of facilities to be built, including parking lots, office buildings, mangrove information centers, toilets, gazebos, conference halls, culinary centers, and mangrove tracks. The mangrove track itself is predicted to be the longest mangrove track in Indonesia with a total length of 3000 meters and resembles the shape of a mangrove crab when viewed from above. However, Mimika’s new destination is still under construction.

The extent of the Mimika mangrove which reaches 300,000 Ha with a tree height of up to 30 m makes the Mimika mangrove unique and rarely found in other places. This prompted the Mimika Regency government to develop this Pomako Mangrove Ecotourism Area which would later be expected to become a mangrove center or mangrove learning center in Papua and even Indonesia.

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