Shrimp Harvest by Organic Fishponds Field School

Abdul Ghofur is a fishfarmer from Tambakbulusan Village, Demak, Central Java. He is one of the alumni of an environmentally friendly fishpond field school (FS) and also the leader of the Jaya Bakti farmer group. This time Mr. Ghofur has just harvested vaname shrimp which is two months old from his own aquaculture pond.

The number of problems that often attack shrimp cultivation such as exposure to viruses, stress, water pollution, water rob and so on has been slowly overcoming Ghofur for 1.5 years so he can achieve a good shrimp harvest.

Through FS activities, farmers learn to recognize problems in their cultivation and jointly find solutions. One of them is by using organic materials in cultivation and avoiding the use of inorganic materials such as urea and NPK.

Mr. Ghofur was the first to implement the learning outcomes at FS. The application of environmentally friendly cultivation using compost and moles (local microorganisms) is carried out in his fishponds. Voila! Vaname fishponds can be harvested well within two months.

Even as one of the champions of Building with Nature (BwN) project, Mr. Ghofur often shares his experiences in farming with other farmers in the Demak region.

Hopefully, the knowledge gained in FS environmentally friendly fishponds activities can help other fishponds find appropriate solutions.

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