Our Communities

Blue Forests is committed to Grassroots Community Organizing, working primarily with rural coastal villagers, in a range of biophysical settings, from pristine coastal areas such as Papua, to highly degraded areas such as Java and South Sulawesi.  At the onset of any program, Blue Forests works with local communities and village governments to identify poor and vulnerable households, and targets its programs to ensure that 75% of participants come from such backgrounds.  Blue Forests is also dedicated to improved gender equity.  At least 50% of its program participants are women, and 100% of program participants take part in gender sensitization and equity building activities.

Blue Forests is committed to working with youth through environmental education and youth field school programs.  Studies show that involving youth in investigating their communities, selecting an issue of mutual concern and working to resolve that issue with the community, results in a much higher percentage of empowered individuals (people who feel like they can make change throughout their lives) than by targeting adults.  As such, Blue Forests continues to develop youth programs and curriculum and advocates for inclusion of youth in sustainable development and conservation programs.