Our Team


team_BenBenjamin Brown | Co-founder / Ecologist
Ben has been living and working in Indonesia since 1995. After graduating with a B.Sc. from the Univeristy of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources, yet before coming to Indonesia, Ben Brown worked in the fields of environmental education and habitat restoration, throughout the United States and Canada. Upon moving to Indonesia, Ben volunteered for three years; at an environmental education center in the mountains of East Java and at a community based coastal resource management NGO in North Sulawesi. In 2000, Ben founded a small grassroots NGO called Yayasan Akar Rumput Laut (YARL), based in Yogyakarta, Java. YARL implemented programs in Indonesia on behalf of Mangrove Action Project, an international NGO with its Asian base in Trang, Southern Thailand. Ben also worked during this time for Mangrove Action Project in a regional capacity, leading trainings and small projects in Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Timor Leste. YARL officially became MAP-Indonesia in 2007, at the time implementing programs in 7 provinces in Indonesia. Most recently, MAP-Indonesia was engaged in the 5 year Restoring Coastal Livelihood Project in South Sulawesi, which included 500 hectares of Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation, 2000 hectares of improved Coastal Management area and the implementation of 72 Coastal Field Schools leading to livelihoods development. MAP-Indonesia was also engaged in Papua with the USAID IFACS project, responsible for forming a multi-stakeholder mangrove management working group and developing an integrated management plan for the world- class 750,000 hectares Mimika mangroves and lowland swamp forest.

In 2013, Ben co-founded Blue Forests, which has undertaken projects in Aceh and Sulawesi. Ben is co- author of several peer-reviewed papers, a peer-reviewed mangrove rehabilitation manual and a recent UNEP guidelines for coastal carbon projects. Ben is currently a member of the IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group, and a PhD Candidate at Charles Darwin University – Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods.

team_YusranYusran Nurdin Massa | Director
Originally from Palopo, South Sulawesi, Yusran graduated from the Marine and Fisheries Faculty in Hasanuddin University. While an undergraduate, he joined Marine Conservation Foundation as volunteer and after graduation, in 2003, Yusran become the Manager of research and development division there. In 2007, Yusran became an Executive Director in Indonesia Marine Conversation Foundation. In this role he was responsible for designing and formulating organizational policy and strategy as well as strategic plasn to follow up mandates from constituents and/or stakeholders-based inputs. At this time, he also became a consultant for WWF.

In 2010, Yusran joined MAP Indonesia as a Senior Environmental Project Officer. He conducted a 400 ha mangrove rehabilitation in Tanakeke Island. He is also currently involved in an integrated management plan for a mangrove and swamp forest in Mimika. Now a project manager in Coastal Ecosystem Resilience, his program in Tanakeke will restore 100 ha of damaged ecosystem and is supported by Goodplanet Foundation, France.

team_siskaFransiska | 
Finance Manager
Fransiska was born in Makassar and graduated from Polytechnic Hasanuddin University majoring in Business Administration in 2003. She has worked as an executive secretary, sales coordinator, and financial staffer, all of which have given her a sound background in good financial management. In July 2010, she joined Perkumpulan MAP Indonesia administering the financing of the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods program for four years.

This work included 500 hectares of Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation, 2000 hectares of improved Coastal Management area and the implementation of 72 Coastal Field Schools leading to livelihoods development. More recently, Siska completed work for MAP-Indonesia in Papua with the USAID IFACS project and also still running Coastal Ecosystem Resilience Project with GoodPlanet Foundation.


Ratnawaty Fadilah | Livelihood Manager
Born and educated in South Sulawesi, Ratna completed her B.Sc at Sam Ratulangi University and worked as a reporter and technician in local radio stations while still an undergraduate. After graduation, she volunteered in local institutions engaged in coastal resource management and helped develop a community radio network for an NGO. In 2003, Ratna later became a staff at the Kelola Foundation, North Sulawesi and in 2005, she joined with MAP Indonesia, an NGO focused on the rehabilitation of mangroves and the development of local livelihoods. Given the responsibility to develop a variety of products based on the mangrove, Ratna used acanthus illicifolius as herbal tea, cryspi from acrosticum, jam and syrup from sonneratia, some cookies from avicennia, flour from bruguiera.

In 2007, she joined Sahabat Bamboo, who develop environmentally friendly building materials from bamboo, becoming a facilitator in an Environment Services Program support by USAID in few villages in Magelang, Centre of Java. In 2009, with three friends she established the Titian Lestari, an organization focused in environmental education for mothers and their children. Most recently, Ratna was engaged in the five year Restoring Coastal Livelihood Project in South Sulawesi, overseeing the implementation of 72 Coastal Field Schools leading to livelihoods development. Since 2012, Ratna lectures at Makassar State University, teaching mainly about major agricultural technologies.

team_RioRio Ahmad | Restoration and Conservation Manager
Rio graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in biology from the Marine Biology Program at University of Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia. In 2012 to 2014, Rio worked with Mangrove Action Project as environment field staff and as EMR Officer for the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods program, which included 500 hectares of Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation, 2000 hectares of improved Coastal Management area and the implementation of 72 Coastal Field Schools leading to livelihoods development.

More recently, Rio worked for MAP-Indonesia in Papua with the USAID IFACS project. He conducted some meetings to encourage initial development of the District Mangrove Work Community in Mimika. He also still running Coastal Ecosystem Resilience Project in Tanakeke to restore 100 ha of damaged ecosystem and is supported by Goodplanet Foundation, France.

team_jajangJajang Agus Sonjaya | Knowledge Manager
Jajang graduated from Gadjah Mada University’s Department of Archaeology in 1999. In 2005 he completed his Master in Humanities. Since 1999, he has worked as a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University. In addition, he is also a guest lecturer at the Department of Architecture UII. He has also studied at the Center for Asia Pacific Studies Gadjah Mada University as a researcher.

He has been involved in dozens of research, training, and community development projects and has worked at Mount Ciremai, Gunung Kidul, Dieng, Segara Anakan, Dayak Kalimantan, and Nias. He has published articles in national and local media, seven documentary films, and five books, namely: Pergulatan Dayak dan Indonesia (Galang, 2005), Melacak Batu Menguak Mitos (Kanisius, 2008), Zanj (Kepel, 2009), Manusia Langit (Kompas-Gramedia, 2010), and Manajemen Pelatihan (Kanisius, 2013). In his quest to bring science to the public, he developed a participatory action research (PAR) and with Benjamin Brown established two institutions: MAP-Indonesia (2004) and Blue Forests Foundation (2011).


Program Staff:

Woro Yuniati  | Livelihood Program Staff

Andi Irvan Abubakar | Livelihood Program Staff
Irvan was born in South Sulawesi and graduated with a major in Accounting from STIE Mappaodang in 2005. Irvan has joined many social activities both in local communities, institutional and national empowerment. As a basis of accounting education, Irvan was able to accompany a group of economic assistance projects via Mangrove Action Project’s Restoring Coastal Livelihoods program. Irvan also worked in Papua with the USAID IFACS project as a junior socioeconomic officer.

Mutia Djamaluddin | Livelihood Program Staff
Mutja was born in Flores, NTT, and graduated from the Forestry Departement at Hasanuddin University in 2013. Mutia joined Mangrove Action Project in 2013 as a socioeconomic field officer in the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods program from 2013-2014, working with economic groups in one district in South Sulawesi. She was responsible for five villages in Pangkep district as community organizer, conducted field schools and impoved management in economic coordination with Pangkep District. More recently, Mutia worked for MAP-Indonesia in Papua with the USAID IFACS project as a National Socio Economic advisor.


team_registaRegista |  Restoration and Conservation Staff
Regista was born in Wawondula, South Sulawesi and graduated from the Departement of Biology at Hasanuddin University in 2008 . After graduation, Regista joined MAP Indonesia as volunteer. She progressed to become an Ecology Consultant, collecting data about vegetation plots, vegetation transects, as well as capturing photo stations and monitoring mangrove rehabilitation in Tanekeke Island and Kuri Caddi. In April 2013 – March 2014, she joined the ecology staff in MAP Indonesia.

After MAP Indonesia became Blue Forests Foundation, Regista joined as a Project Officer on Coastal Ecosystem Resilience program support by GoodPlanet from France. She was responsible for and involved in technical implementation, prepared administration and procurement equipment, coordinated and mediated consultants and volunteers in some activities.

team_wawanAndi Darmawansyah |  Restoration and Conservation Staff

Educational background in zoology and environmental science in the biology department, Hasanuddin University in 2008, Wawan so called, during a student, active as an assistant in a marine biology laboratory and plant taxonomy. Beginning joined as a volunteer in 2012, which formerly was called the Mangrove Action Project (MAP), in charge of helping the ecological survey team on mangrove rehabilitation site in Kuri Caddi, Maros and Tanakeke Island.

In 2014 had served as a consultant for the ecological rehabilitation project on the island of Tanakeke in terms of monitoring and participatory with a community survey. Early 2015 to design a book illustrator for environmental education as well as a facilitator in the same program in March-May 2015. Now a staff at the rehabilitation and conservation in the Blue Forest Foundation.

Akhzan Nur Iman |  Restoration and Conservation Staff

Weningtiyas Kismoridadi | Knowledge Management Staff

Awaluddin | Knowledge Management Staff

Mayang Sari Takdir | Knowledge Management Staff

Laila Adila |