Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) Manual

A Field Manual for Practitioners

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  • 2014
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Over the years, there have been many different attempts to restore mangroves. Some of these efforts have been gargantuan, involving several thousand hectares of coastal lands. Other efforts have been small in comparison, with perhaps less than a hectare of mangroves restored. Yet, in these efforts, both large and small, the lessons learned in this important process are vital in re-establishing otherwise rapidly vanishing mangrove forests. Without taking those necessary steps now to restore mangroves, our planet’s coastal regions will be seriously impacted by erosion, declining fisheries, vanishing wildlife, and displaced indigenous coastal peoples.

There are many different techniques and methods utilized in planting mangroves. Because some of these have resulted in identifiable successes or failures, we wish to present herein a detailed process of mangrove rehabilitation which has proven successful in its application in various locations at various scales. Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation engages communities to consider social, economic and ecological factors before undertaken mangrove restoration, and relies on monitoring to inform corrective actions over time. This EMR manual also presents summary descriptions of particular case studies from around the world, which are representative of both successful and failed attempts at mangrove restoration.

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