Rising For Our Mangrove

Annual report 2020 (1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021)

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Blue Forests Foundation (BFF) works with communities and stakeholders to preserve coastal ecosystems and watersheds (Daerah Aliran Sungai – DAS) using participatory action research and problem-solving approaches.

Blue Forests Foundation has operated at the grassroots level from its establishment and has been involved in empowerment activities, conducting research projects and participatory action research in the village. attempting to identify trends, events, and recurring social, ecological, and economic issues. With regard to global issues and occurrences, we reflect these circumstances at the local level. When working on the site, learn about, adjust to, and foster understanding of the global context. Through trials and other pertinent acts, we collaboratively design answers to problems and implement suitable local measures.

We understand that working with communities with complex social, economic, and ecological systems calls for a range of strategies and multidisciplinary methods. Harmonizing the interests and power of numerous players and parties is essential. In addition, coordination and synergy are crucial in order to accomplish shared initiatives for sustainable management, or at the very least, common aims. sustainability in terms of the environment, society, and economy.

Upon realizing the pattern, The Blue Forest Foundation has been promoting collaboration and cooperative work with numerous parties for the past ten years after. We believe in establishing agreed goals and starting a cooperative process to accomplish shared objectives. Together with the parties, we understand that combining forces and fostering common aspirations will increase everyone’s excitement and performance. In short, collaboration is essential to sustainability.

In order to move small efforts into larger streams of change and to mobilize cooperation to support change in a better direction with the spirit of cooperation of many parties, the goal is to start elevating modest initiatives at the site level.

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