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A co-management initiative of mangrove and cultural heritage site:

  • conduct a resilient research to determine program plans in 33 villages
  • assisting 14 village units to develop a custom-based sustainable development model using the Kampung Lestari approach in mangrove, swamp and lowland forests. Covering an area of 636,402 hectares;
  • facilitating 10 youth groups in the village community to patrol nature resource (SDA) protection.
  • Stimulate the program budgeting for the forest conservation program derived from various stakeholders totalling IDR 15 billion
  • Facilitated one Forest Management Unit (KPHL VI) to prepare the long-term and short-term forest management plans to improve the regional management of 273,420 ha area.

Project Location:

  • Mimika, Papua, Indonesia
  • Asmat, Papua, Indonesia

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