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Jakarta, Indonesia

USAID supports the activities carried out by the Blue Forest Foundation since 2006.

Starting with the ESP (Engineering Support Program) program where USAID supports mangrove rehabilitation activities and advocates for land management through the Advocating Community Based Mangrove Management Langkat Wildlife Program in North Sumatra.

In 2008, USAID ESP provided assistance in the Bamboo Field School project in seven villages in Central Java. The project aims to direct the villages to become independent villages by developing a medium-scale bamboo business and has been successful until now with the assistance of BambuBos.

In 2012 on the CADRE (Climate and Disaster Resilience) project, USAID supported the development of a coastal field school and the monitoring of natural mangrove forest recovery with an area of ​​1000 hectares after being hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Singkil, Aceh

Continued in 2013, USAID again supported the initiation of an integrated management plan for 250,000 hectares of mangrove forests and lowland swamps in Mimika, Papua through IFACS (Indonesia Forest and Climate Support).

In 2015, USAID again supported the activities of our institution through the USAID LESTARI project.

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