Yayasan Losari

Yayasan Losari is an independent non-profit foundation based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. it was founded in Semarang, Central Java in 2004 by a group of lovers of Javanese Cultural Heritage. Yayasan Losari is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable community development in Jogjakarta and Central Java. Over the years, Yayasan Losari has developed both short and long term programs in the area of Environment, Education, Empowerment of Women and Heritage Preservation.

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Funding Partner


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Losari Foundation together with the UGM Faculty of Engineering and UGM PSAP supported the development of sustainable agriculture and a watershed education training center, training 63 orphans as organic farmers through the CERDAS Studio project from 2009 to 2010 when the institution was still called MAP Indonesia.

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