Indonesian Forest and Climate Support (IFACS)

Project Start:


Project End:




Major Activities/Initiative

Strengthening the management of Mimika’s mangrove and swamp forests for climate change adaptation strategies:

  • Facilitating the preparation of an Integrated Mangrove Management Plan document for the mangrove forest in Mimika covering an area of ​​250,0000 hectares
  • Initiate the formation of a Regional Mangrove Working Group (mandated by Perpres 73/2012)
  • Involved in the preparation of Regional Regulation on Management and Protection of Mangrove Ecosystems Kab. Mimika
  • Facilitating coastal field schools using sustainable natural resources in 8 community groups in 10 Mimika villages

*as MAP Indonesia

Project Location:

  • Mimika Regency, Papua, Indonesia

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