Scoping Study

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Blue Forests Foundation conducts an assessment for community-based mangrove forest management and fisheries ecosystems supported by Blue Ventures.

The assessment aspects are seen from the ecological condition of mangrove forests, social, economic, and health conditions, and fisheries management.

Project Location:

  • Aru Islands, Kepulauan Aru Regency, Maluku, Indonesia
  • Teluk Saleh, Indonesia
  • Taman Nasional Sembilang, Tanah Pilih, Banyu Asin Regency, South Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Luwu Utara, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Taman Nasional Rawa Aopa Watumohai, Pewutaa, South Konawe Regency, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia

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