Pemerintah Daerah Asmat

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Consulting Partner, Implementation Partner


Asmat, Papua

Asmat Regency has an area of around 31,984 km2, mostly located in protected forest areas. In this area, Kab. Asmat has a mangrove forest area of 300,000 hectares and is inhabited by the local Asmat tribe.

A number of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) under the umbrella of the Asmat Regional Government in collaboration with the USAID Lestari program are incorporated in the Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) including Bappeda, the Office of the Environment, the Office of Fisheries, the Office of Community Empowerment and the Village Government, etc. Together with other parties in the Asmat MSF, the Asmat Government has a strong determination to realize sustainable development and increase the empowerment of indigenous peoples

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