State of The Mangroves Atlas

Mangroves Map for Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province, Sumatera, Indonesia

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  • 2003
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Riau Province is located on the east coast of Sumatra, bordered on the east by Singapore and on the north by Peninsular Malaysia. The province of Riau is mostly comprised of freshwater marsh, with mangroves along the coast, banks of brackish rivers, and surrounding most of its smalls islands. Riau Province contains 235,517 hectares of mangrove forest, which is concentrated in three administrative regencies, Bengkalis Regency (29% or 66,920 hectares) Riau Islands Regency (14% or 31,696 hectares) and Indragiri Hilir Regency (57% or 135,900 hectares). During the decade between 1987-1997, Riau Province lost 43,935 hectares of its mangroves (Riau Provincial Forestry Office, 1997)

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