Table Key of Locations

Blue Forests began work in 2000 in Indonesia, initially as Yayasan Akar Rumput Laut, then as Mangrove Action Project – Indonesia before founding Yayasan Hutan Biru (Blue Forests) in 2011.

We have worked in 13 Provinces in Indonesia, as well as several countries in SE and South Asia.  Our programs are often integrated including Environmental Education, Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation, Coastal Field Schools and Coastal Business Schools (livelihoods programs), as well as Good Governance and the Development of Adaptive Collaborative Management Systems.

All of our programs are geared towards empowering rural coastal community members to rehabilitate, sustainably utilize and conserve their precious mangrove and coastal resources. A table of our specific programs over the years is provided below.

Years   Major Program Phase Major Donors Work Regions Notable Activities/Outcomes Key Documents
1999 - 2004 Yayasan Akar Rumput Laut (YARL) Small-scale Very Grassroots  Packard Foundation, USAID - NRM, Goldman Foundation, Seacology National: North Sulawesi, Central Java, Riau 

International: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia
Do Your Own Mangrove Action Project - Curriculum, Coatal Commmunity Resource Center Development, First EMR Trial (Tiwoho, North Sulawesi)

In the Hands of the Fisherfolk Workshops
Do Your Own Mangrove Action Project Curriculum (eng/Bhs), Illustrated 5 Step EMR Manual (eng/bhs), CCRC Concept - Tiwoho Village Bunaken National Park

IHOF #8, 9 and 10 Reports
2005-2009 MAP-Indonesia Post-tsuanmi - High Global Mangrove Awareness

Scaling Up
Goldman Foundation, Seacology, Global Green Grants, USAID-ESP, WWF-EFN, Conservation, Food and Health, Lemelson Foundation, Christensen Foundation, IUCN, ICCO, Cottonwood Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Lumpkin Foundation, Project Aware, Working Assets, Zoological Society of London, Australian Red Cross National: North Sulawesi, Central Java, Riau, North Sumatra

International: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia, Timor Leste
Continued Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation and Workshops, Sustainable Livelihood Alternative Development, Continued CCRC Development, Environmental Education Programs, Mangrove Atlas Creation

Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation Workshops
CCRC Central Java Report, Jelajah NUSA Curriculum, Bengkalis Mangrove Atlas, IUCN OAPN Documents; Resilience Thinking Applied to Indonesian Mangroves, Kebijakan Untuk Mangroves, 6 Step EMR Poster, Post-disaster Rapid Coastal Assessment Manual (Bhs Indonesia), EMR Paper - Lewis (bhs), EMR Workshop Simeulue Island

EMR Workshop Reports - Sri Lanka, Malaysia
2010-2015 MAP-Indonesia

Blue Forests

Restoring Coastal Livelihoods


CIDA - OXFAM-GB - Good Planet


South Sulawesi


480 hectares of EMR, Development and Implementation of 71 Coastal Field Schools (CFS), Development of Tanakeke Island Mangrove Management regulations

Advocacy for natural regeneration, EMR workshops, 10 Coastal Field Schools.

Formulation of Multi-stakeholder Mangrove Management Working Group, Development of District wide Mangrove and Lowland Swamp Forest Management Regulations (PERDA) and Integrated Management Plan, 10 Coastal Field Schools, Study on Sustainable Resource Utilization Potential
Annual Reports (Years 1-4), EMR Manual, Mangrove Journal Articles (6), S.A.P.I.EN.S Journal Paper

Springer - Post-Tsunami Hazard Reconstruction and Restoraiton Chapter

Integrated Management Plan for Mimika Mangroves and Lowland Swamp Forest (long-version), Integrated Management Plan (user-friendly version)
2015-2020 Blue Forests SEKALI DAYUNG


Building with Nature


Dutch Government

Papua, West Kalimantan

Central Java

Timor Leste
10 Coastal Field Schools, Advocacy for National Adoption of Coastal Field Schools, Community Organizing for Development of Coastal Protection  
2016-2023   Large-Scale Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation World Resources Institute Gorontalo, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Riau Feasibility Assessments for EMR in 8 large-scale degraded landscapes